JamaicaOctober 24-29

Come join Yogis and entheogenic guides Corey Chase, Mary Brierre, and Joël Brierre on a 6 day/5 night retreat in Jamaica’s lush and beautiful Port Antonio. Shatter your own perceived limitations through an experiential and immersive dive into the depths of consciousness using the eight limbs of yoga in conjunction with the medicine of the Bufo Alvarius toad. What better a place to lose one’s self and to be reborn than right in the heart of the Caribbean!


Integrating the 5-MeO experience through the Yogic path

Taking a look around the world these days, it seems as if it is going a bit mad. We're all getting so wrapped up in our stories that we are forgetting our connection to Divine Source. We, as a collective, have forgotten how find stillness and to allow. We grasp for control and unknowingly place barriers in our way all because we are unable to transcend our past, our trauma, and remember our true nature as boundless and infinite consciousness. There is no magic pill to enlightenment, neither psychedelics nor Yoga are going to give you all the answers. These are simply tools. The medicine allows us to experience full, unadulterated, boundless existence as the self is completely dissolved into the light of the infinite while Yogic practice and philosophy is used as a tool to integrate this experience into one’s daily life. If one does not integrate the experience, it simply becomes something that fades like a dream.

Samadhi is a state of being which no western explanation does justice. When the mind is stilled and quieted, one is able to tune their awareness to encompass more than their individually perceived experience. As one’s awareness begins to leave the egoic self, we realize the totality of infinite consciousness. When we merge in union with this infinite state of being, this is Samadhi. The word Yoga means “union”—union with the infinite. The practice of Yoga is an eight limbed path of an introspective nature, allowing us to understand our own individual consciousness and rid ourselves of patterns and habits that hold us back from experiencing our true state of truth, consciousness, and bliss (Satchidananda). As the experience of 5-MeO is an experience of Samadhi, we will use the integrative system of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to map out these states and bring this knowledge and understanding into our daily lives.

Participants will enjoy sumptuous food and lodging with a short walk to the beach which is a beautiful and private cove. Caribbean-style vegetarian meals, morning asana practice, waterfall adventures, sessions with the Toad medicine, integration circles, and nightly satsang which will include Vedantic philosophy, pranayama, meditation and guided relaxation will all be part of your involvement. You will be in a safe space with competent facilitators/instructors who are experienced serving this medicine, as well as creating a safe container for spiritual emergence.

Your Facilitators

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Corey ChaseAbout Corey

Corey has been a seeker of truth from the time of his early teens. Raised by a devout Rastafarian father and a Bon Buddhist mother of Jamaican and Chinese descent, it wasn’t long before Corey began some real inquiry into the nature of self and reality. Years of working with the sacrament of Cannabis through meditation eventually led to psilocybin (mushrooms) and other sacred plant medicines in ceremonial use.

Eventually Corey began sharing these earth sacraments with close friends and family, answering his innate call to be of service and be a carrier of some of these sacred plant medicines.

As a longtime student of yoga and meditation, Corey spent his 20’s traveling the world and studying different modalities, from the teachings of Rastafari in Jamaica, to the Buddha of Northeast India, to the Shipibo of the Amazon, all to come to one conclusion—that it is all the same. Different paths to the same understanding. That all is one, behaving as an infinitude of facets and personalities. That it is all but one ocean, with infinite waves and drops, yet none are ever separate from the greater whole. Or as we say in the Vedantic tradition "Aham Brahmasmi. I am the universe. Infinite by Nature. I am Brahman.

Corey’s background in Yoga and Entheogens, paired with his syncretic knowledge from varying schools of thought and esoterics, has brought him to his current Dharma (role in the evolution of Universal Consciousness), which is functioning as a teacher of Vedic Meditation coupled with exploration of consciousness through meditation and entheogens/plant medicines. He also draws heavily on the eight limbs (ashtanga) of Yoga (as outlined by the great Indian sage Patanjali) as great tools for not only the integration process, but our lives, with a focus on the last 3 limbs (Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi), collectively known as Samyama.

Corey works primarily with the secretion of the Bufo Alvarius Toad species (Incilius Alvarius/Sonoran Desert Toad), of which the active molecule is 5-MeO-DMT, also known as the God Molecule. It is considered to be the most powerful of all entheogens on the planet, hence the given name the God Molecule which is also found in all human beings. It is humanity’s unparalled tool for experiencing the non-dual state referred to as Samadhi, outlined in the great Yoga Sutras of Patanjali from 2500 years ago.

Corey now leads retreats and workshops around the world, focusing on the connection between plant medicines/entheogens and Yoga/the breath, and the non-dual states that can be achieved through all of these practices. Also bringing in the healing properties of sound frequency through sonic therapy and vibration. Corey works very closely with his dear friend and spiritual brother, Joël Brierre.

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Mary BrierreAbout Mary

Mary Brierre is a nurturer born in Pahoa, Hawaii and raised off the grid. She carries a deep reverence for Mother Earth and the cosmic cycles. Mary is a space-holder and her tender energy reflects the Divine feminine. As both a mother and a certified death doula, she is adept and guiding seekers in and out of this world. Mary has been in service with the medicine for three years with her husband Joël and has used her intuitive practices to aid many people through their integration process after a journey. As a certified Reiki practitioner, Mary heals with her hands as well as her heart. In ceremony, Mary embodies the sacred mother energy and brings calm and comfort to all.

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Joël BrierreAbout Joël

Joël Karamdeep Singh Brierre began his relationship with psychedelics as a teenager in an exploratory manner. Marveling at the chance to explore the unexplored, Joël began training with Curanderos in Peru in 2001 where he further pursued these heightened states of awareness. Eventually shifting his focus into a deep and devoted yoga practice, he began teaching yoga and meditation and soon moved on to India to study in an ashram setting in Rishikesh. From there he traveled all around the world, soaking up knowledge and sharing what he’d learned. He was reintroduced to plant medicine in 2009 while living in the Caribbean, and began to incorporate it into his yoga practice. Joël took on various mentors in the medicine world, learning all he could about holding sacred space, and safe practices. With this combination of knowledge, Joël now leads retreats and workshops around the world on the plant medicine and yoga connection. With over 10 years of teaching and multiple teacher trainings, Joël is certified at 500 ERYT.

Joël works with the venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad, which contains the compound 5-MeO-DMT as well as working with the pure molecule itself. This compound is said to be the most powerful entheogen on the planet, allowing participants to experience a non-dual state of awareness in which they cease to view reality as an individual and are completely absorbed into the infinite. Joël believes the toad medicine’s effect of a non-dual experience is congruent with the Samadhi states that can be attained through yoga. He assists individuals through pre and post integration using a program he has derived from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Daily Schedule

Our days will begin with a gentle yoga practice on the beach or in the shala, after which we will enjoy a nice light breakfast, relax on the beach or find a shady nook. The afternoons will either be spent exploring the beautiful Reach Falls, lounging on the beach or sharing space in sacred ceremony with the medicine. In the evenings we will have integration circle followed by a delicious Caribbean style vegetarian dinner. Our nights will be shared together in Satsang, which will include Yogic philosophy, pranayama (breathwork), guided meditation, sound healing, and relaxation.

Early Bird
Send in your deposit before July 31 and receive $100 off. Bring 3 friends, get $100 off each (can be coupled with early bird discount so groups of 4 can get 100 off each.)

Prices are based on double occupancy, single occupancy is available for the Suite.

Standard RoomDouble Occupancy $1,599, Single Occupancy $1,895. Two twin beds that can be adjoined for couples, upstairs, balcony, garden view.

Two Bedroom Villa$1,699pp. Twin beds adjoined or separated, ocean view, kitchenette, seating/dining area. Ideal for two couples, or four friends.